your business for sale

Buyers ask a lot of questions when looking at buying a business, so it’s a good idea to have your business documents organised and up to date.


Below is a guide to the type of information that is asked for by buyers:


Finances and Assets

  • Financial statements (for as far back as possible) – cash flow statements, annual turnover, and profit and loss statements

  • Details of physical assets such as equipment, and stock

  • Details of other assets such as goodwill towards the business and intellectual property


Legal information

  • Legal documents such as leases and insurance policies

  • Registration papers such as business name certificates, Australian Business Number (ABN) registration papers, licenses, and permits.


Business Profile

  • Business history such as start date, ownership changes, and location changes

  • Sales information such as reports and forecasts

  • Market conditions such as details of competitors, and how your business compares to them

  • Business documentation such as marketing, staff roster and customer service procedures

  • Other such as opening hours

Staff, Supplier, and Customer Information

  • Employee details such as job descriptions, skills and pay rates

  • Supplier details such as supply agreements and supply prices

  • Customer details such as customer numbers, customer profiles and direct marketing activities