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Confidentiality Agreement

Confidentiality Agreement

Please read through the Confidentiality Agreement below and complete the form at the end to acknowledge your understanding and agreement with these terms. 


I/We, being the people identified below, acknowledge that we are the potential Buyers of a business and in consideration of you and the Seller allowing us to examine a business profile and other material relating to the business and/or the Seller’s agreement on the Seller’s behalf to allow us to examine the business, we acknowledge and agree to the following:

•    The business profile and material and all things related to this material are confidential and will      only be used for the purpose of possible acquisition. We agree we /our representatives will not disclose them to any third party except our legal, accounting, financial advisers and bankers only on the basis that they have to provide to us their agreement prior to receipt of the material to keep this information confidential unless the Seller’s prior written consent is obtained to disclose this material to that party.

•    The business profile and material may include non-verified and unaudited trading results and/or profit and loss reports and/or approximate costs/expenses and/or projected trading estimates.

•    We acknowledge that all the information contained in the business profile is to be used and accepted as a guide only. All information contained in it, is our responsibility to verify and confirm, and we agree not to hold THE COFFEE SHOP BROKERS Business Brokers or its salespersons and authorised personnel responsible for its accuracy, liability, or loss suffered by us in relation to the information contained in the profile.

•    Inspections of the business are to be by appointment organised through THE COFFEE SHOP BROKERS Business Brokers only. We agree not to attempt to inspect the business or the premises at which the business is carried out, or contact the Seller directly without arranging it with  THE COFFEE SHOP BROKERS Business Brokers.

•    We acknowledge that we have been introduced to the business outlined below by  THE COFFEE SHOP BROKERS Business Brokers and or its personnel, and we agree that all dealings shall be through  THE COFFEE SHOP BROKERS Business Brokers.

•    We acknowledge that all materials provided to us after the date hereof shall be subject to the terms of this agreement.

•    We recognise and acknowledge that this agreement shall be binding upon us and all of our subsidiary and affiliated companies.

•    We understand that should this agreement be breached it may result in legal action being commenced to recover all losses caused by a breach of this agreement.

•    We understand that  THE COFFEE SHOP BROKERS Business Brokers, its agents and or its personnel are not Financial Advisors and their role is to simply pass on information on the below mentioned business as provided by the Seller in its capacity as a representative of the Seller.

I/we acknowledge that by signing this agreement we are to hold all matters strictly confidential, and to abide by all the terms and conditions of this agreement. I/We acknowledge that we agree to all of the above conditions.

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